Familiarity with existing laws in the municipality

The law defining the scope and boundaries of the city, village, and township and how they were determined at a public hearing on Wednesday, 14/10/2008, was approved by the Islamic Consultative Assembly and endorsed by the Guardian Council on 28/10/2008.

Article 1- City Limit: The existing physical and cultural limitations of the city during the comprehensive plan and the preparation of the said plan in the city guide plan, where the urbanization regulations are in force.

Article 2: Townscape: A part of the immediate area around the city boundaries that is necessary for the supervision and control of the municipality and does not violate the boundaries of the country’s divisions of the city and the relevant section.

Article 3 – The range of the village consists of a range including the existing tissue of the village and its future expansion.

Article 4 – Areas of settlements: of residential and industrial settlements or other settlements established and constructed in accordance with the regulations and with legal permissions.

Article 5: City limits: In comprehensive urban plans, along with geographical coordinates, the main points shall be determined and approved by the legal authorities approving the said projects.

Article 6: The city’s privacy: in the comprehensive plan of the city and until the preparation of the said plan is determined and approved by the city guide.

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