PirouzPey Parsian Engineering Co.
PirouzPey Parsian Engineering Co. was established in 2009 to manage and supervise the implementation of construction .About 50 highly-qualified technical and are in the company.
The company has been involved in the implementation of construction projects, contracting companies both inside and outside the country, and has provided the necessary field for the transfer of technology and technology related to construction related to the above projects to the country.

Legal attitude :
Becoming a capable, self-made and dynamic company in international construction companies and Iran

Project Objectives :
The company is required to guarantee the following in order to implement construction projects based on the values of the Islamic Republic of Iran :
Run Safe Projects *
Achieving national inclusive needs *
Timely implementation of projects *
Maintaining quality and balance in the implementation of projects by adopting appropriate methods *
The thoughtful and prospective implementation of projects to exploit the current generation and future generations *
Adopting a suitable method for achieving the systematic and logical needs of projects and clarifying their status *
Adopting a suitable strategy for implementing projects in the framework of national and international standards and practices *

Companie’s values :
* High desire and dynamic interest in promotion and excellence
* Improving quality as a living standard and applying high standards of work environment
* Identifying and allocating innovations and innovations in increasing values as the fundamental principle of progress
* Promote and develop high standards of behavior and quality for a strong legal identity
* Promotion of integrity and honesty as the main principle in the work
* Improving coordination and increase understanding between different contractors of a project in order to achieve the best result

Best quality

Superior quality in construction and supervision is one of the integral principles of PirouzPey Parsian.

Quality Control

PirouzPey Engineering Co. is used in all stages of construction and implementation of the quality control team to improve and improve the quality.

Experienced and experienced team

PirouzPey Parsian engineering team is composed of experienced and young engineers who are trying to combine experience and motivation in their activities.

Activity with simpas company

PirouzPey engineering company is flattering with Turkey’s simpas company
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