The latest status of the system for vacant houses

According to ISNA, Hamid Reza Azimian, “About 5 months ago, we are responsible for setting up a comprehensive system of real estate in the country and we have to pay for it. We’ve just started work and are choosing a consultant. All online information on the country’s property is to be registered on this system, one of which is the issue of vacant houses.

He added, “Launching this system will take some time, because other agencies, such as municipalities, registry office, and property, should be involved. In this comprehensive system, information on all land and residential buildings in the country is to be recorded. There are many uses, one of which is the taxation of vacant houses.

“We need to design the architecture of this site,” said Azimian, pointing out that we can not specify the exact time to launch the system. For this we need the consultant professional. In the next two weeks, choose an advisor, then they will design the architecture of the system. Then we will work on writing the program and buying the equipment. No specific name has yet been selected for the system. For the time being, we know the name of the country’s comprehensive property system, which may change its name later.

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