The law of urban renewal

Article 1: Modernization, development and basic reforms, and the provision of urban needs, the construction and improvement of pedestrians and the establishment of parks and parking lots (stationary) and fields and maintenance of existing public parks and gardens and the provision of other public facilities and the renovation of neighborhoods; and Caring for the proper development of cities is one of the main tasks of municipalities and municipalities are obliged to prepare basic plans and comprehensive plans in the performance of their duties.

Article 2 in Tehran from the first day of April of 1970 and in other cities from the date when the Ministry of the Interior determines and announces on all land and buildings located within the legal boundaries of the city, annual special charges amounting to five thousand dollars that according to the provisions of this The law will be determined, will be established.

Note 1 In the case of factories, workshops and industrial, economic and scientific institutions, only the price of the building and the building will be subject to payment.

Note 2: In areas of the city where drinking water and one or one of the pipelines are not available to the inhabitants of that area, 25% of the prescribed duties are reduced.

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